“I initially went to this clinic because they were the only ones that would import the Straumann implant I needed for a tooth to be made. They were more expensive than other clinics for implants, but I needed a Straumann. When I got there they took an X-ray and pointed out that there was other work I needed done. I had a tooth cleaning and root canal and crown done the first day because the implant was tied up at customs. I returned a few days later and had another root canal and crown, another implant, and a tooth made. I arrived at 9:30 am and left at 8:15pm. They lab making the tooth returned at 4:00pm and Rodger and the lab tech stayed and made sure the tooth was perfect before I left. Hence the time spent there. They would alter and ” rebake” the tooth.

The service I received by far exceeded my expectations as compared to other dentists I have been to. 2-root canals, 2-crowns, teeth cleaned, new implant started, stud and tooth. US $3000.00″

Brad – Spruce Grove Patient