“Dr. Padilla and his staff are very professional and competent. The clinic is very clean and ultramodern. Dr. Padilla is extremely well trained. He had a complete postdoctoral training in oral surgery and spent a year studying implantology. He has incredible technology that is more advanced than any dentist I have been to in the states. I have seen many dentists in my time and I believe that he is probably the best dentist technically and skill wise. I really don’t want to see a dentist back in US after treatment by Dr. Padilla and his staff. He is also very personable, is genuinely nice guy. I had an implant, a couple fillings, and a crown plus periodontal rx- all completed in one day. I will return in a month or so to have the new tooth attached to my implant. He makes crowns in his office with hi tech German specialty machines. I highly recommend him and his staff.”

Alan – US Patient