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octubre 2023
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Happy Patients

What people say about us. Here are comments from individuals who have visited.

“Really professional, all steps of the treatment were explained to me and I felt to be in good hands all the time. They have really new and modern equipment. The doctors and the staff are really friendly.

The clinic is very modern and well-equipped.  They are very flexible on dates and inquiries are answered on short-term.”

Friederike - Germany Patient

“My friends thought I was crazy to go to Nicaragua for dental work coming from the U.S. I knew I had extensive work that needed to be done which would have cost a fortune. I had root canals, bridge, crowns, implant, extraction and replaced old filings. I was there for a week and each time I visited the clinic I had the same experience. Very professional, the clinic is super clean, the equipment were very modern. More advanced than my dentist in the U.S. I cannot give enough praise to both Dr. Padilla and Dr. Acevedo….”

Catherina Nicaragua Patient

“Went to a dentist in Grand Cayman and was told I would need a root canal, and an expensive one at that. A friend of mine (from Nica) recommended his Dentist, Dr. Padilla, to me. I immediately emailed Dr. Padilla, and he replied within the hour and was very professional, setting me an appointment and recommending various places to stay in the area…”

Jeremy - Georgetown Patient