Teeth Whitening: Home Bleaching, Dentists And Laser Whitening – How To Choose

Teeth Whitening: Home Bleaching, Dentists And Laser Whitening – How To Choose

We all want sparkling white teeth, but our teeth are very susceptible to stains and discolouration due to the everyday things we eat and drink, such as coffee or berries. However there is a way to get them back to their best – whitening! There are many options to choose from – trays, strips and gels or laser, but which is the best for you? Each is different to the other in more ways than their cost, as diverse as that may be.

Tray whitening

A lot of people who wish to have whiter teeth but, are not willing to break the bank over it, use tray whitening as it is a cheaper way to whiten teeth than a dentist visit and it is also is a home remedy so it can be used at your ease. However this does mean that it takes longer than a professional whitening. They are quite easy to use, general instructions are as follows:

  1. Heat your mould in hot water

  2. Then put it in your mouth and bite down to make your teeth’s impression on it

  3. Apply the gel onto the mould, which should be with it, and put the tray back into your mouth

  4. Leave it in for however long as told – times vary depending on gel.


  • Inexpensive

  • Ease of use at home


  • Takes roughly a week (much longer than professional treatment)

Strip whitening

If you want to try to whiten your teeth for the first time, just to see what it looks like, then strip whitening might be for you. It is the cheapest option of the three and probably the easiest. To use it all you have to do is:

  1. Apply the gelled side of the strip to your teeth (top and bottom)

  2. Wait for the listed time

  3. Remove the strips.


  • Easiest to use

  • Cheap


  • Takes very long – usually 2 weeks

  • Strips can fall off your teeth easily and may need a lot of adjusting throughout the time.

Laser whitening

While home whitening is an option, many people feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed with a professional doing the treatment, there are many clinics worldwide which offer this service. Using lasers to make our teeth whiter is becoming increasingly popular, it is a very quick technique:

  1. First the patient’s mouth is cleaned

  2. The teeth are covered with hydrogen peroxide gel

  3. This gel is ‘activated’ by the energy of the laser and within an hour, you’re done!


  • generally no anesthetic is required

  • Very quick method, done within an hour

  • Done by a professional


  • Expensive

  • Often does not work if tooth has become grey coloured


Some things that are useful to remember from reading this post:

  • For first time whitening I would recommend strips as they are cheap and easy for your first try however, will not have as a dramatic effect as other more expensive methods.

  • If you are willing to spend more money, I would suggest laser whitening as it is quick and has a dramatic improvement compared to products designed for home use.

  • It is recommended to visit a dentist before you try to whiten your teeth as some techniques may further harm already damaged teeth.

  • Your teeth’s new shade will only last for roughly 6 weeks depending on eating habits and method.

  • Different methods of whitening yield different outcomes with different speeds.

  • Look around for deals and offers regarding teeth whitening, some clinics may offer cheaper procedures than others so shop around! To find a large and convenient directory of teeth whitening services visit WhatClinic.com, which can help you find a clinic near you for a good price.

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