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Super excellent service! I wanted to do a teeth cleaning and polishing and contacted them by mail, I got reply in a few hours and got the appointment for next day. The clinic is super fresh and meeting Dr Padilla and his staff gave me straight away trust in them and I felt comfortable. After the cleaning he informed me about my teeth and my mouth and in what conditions it is in which I found very interesting and knowledgeable. I never have had such a professional dental service in either Scandinavia or Australia, so I highly recommend Clìnìca Imagen for anyone who needs any kind of dental fix. Thanks for bringing back my white smile!

Jessica Edstrom

“I initially went to this clinic because they were the only ones that would import the Straumann implant I needed for a tooth to be made. They were more expensive than other clinics for implants, but I needed a Straumann. When I got there they took an X-ray and pointed out that there was other work I needed done. I had a tooth cleaning and root canal and crown done the first day because the implant was tied up at customs. I returned a few days later and had another root canal and crown, another implant, and a tooth made. I arrived at 9:30 am and left at 8:15pm. They lab making the tooth returned at 4:00pm and Rodger and the lab tech stayed and made sure the tooth was perfect before I left. Hence the time spent there. They would alter and ” rebake” the tooth.

The service I received by far exceeded my expectations as compared to other dentists I have been to. 2-root canals, 2-crowns, teeth cleaned, new implant started, stud and tooth. US $3000.00″

Brad – Spruce Grove

“I had a great experience here. Dr. Padilla was very attentive and patient. He gave me detailed information about the procedure and was very kind throughout the process. I never had to wait for my appt. and he often greeted me at the door to walk me to the room. The price was exceptional compared with the $6000 I was quoted in the U.S.

The location was convenient enough – just outside of Managua which made it easy to drive from San Juan del Sur without having to deal with the city centre.

I highly recommend this dental office for any dental needs. Clean, air conditioned, and highly professional.”

Tiffany – Nicaragua

“Dr. Padilla and his staff are very professional and competent. The clinic is very clean and ultramodern. Dr. Padilla is extremely well trained. He had a complete postdoctoral training in oral surgery and spent a year studying implantology. He has incredible technology that is more advanced than any dentist I have been to in the states. I have seen many dentists in my time and I believe that he is probably the best dentist technically and skill wise. I really don’t want to see a dentist back in US after treatment by Dr. Padilla and his staff. He is also very personable, is genuinely nice guy. I had an implant, a couple fillings, and a crown plus periodontal rx- all completed in one day. I will return in a month or so to have the new tooth attached to my implant. He makes crowns in his office with hi tech German specialty machines. I highly recommend him and his staff.”

Alan – US

“Went to a dentist in Grand Cayman and was told I would need a root canal, and an expensive one at that. A friend of mine (from Nica) recommended his Dentist, Dr. Padilla, to me. I immediately emailed Dr. Padilla, and he replied within the hour and was very professional, setting me an appointment and recommending various places to stay in the area.  The treatment itself was flawless. Dr. Padilla took multiple x-rays, even going back to take a second batch, and then sending me for a CT Scan. He concluded I needed to have two teeth pulled (wisdom/molar) the process was quick, painless, and professionally done. Total cost of entire undertaking: $650.  I highly recommend Dr. Padilla and his complete team of professionals!”

Jeremy – Georgetown

I had a check up, including panorex X-ray, then needed a porcelain onlay done ( a porcelain filling,… basically a crown) and three fillings, while my boyfriend had same check up and panorex, with one root canal and 4 crowns.  Having worked for a dentist in Canada for over 4 years, I can attest to the professionally and excellence Clinic Imagen offers. The doctors are very skilled and talented and the staff is efficient and friendly. The facilities are state of the art, well equipped and organized.  I recommend this clinic for all treatments, from regular check ups, to cleanings, to restorations and endodontics ( root canals), especially all higher end work such as periodontics, crowns and implants.

Mar – Nicaragua

“Really professional, all steps of the treatment were explained to me and I felt to be in good hands all the time. They have really new and modern equipment. The doctors and the staff are really friendly.  The clinic is very modern and well-equipped. They are very flexible on dates and inquiries are answered on short-term.”

Friederike – Germany

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