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When it comes to preserving your teeth

An endodontic specialist

Caring for tooth nerves and roots is microscopic work and can be complicated.

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Orthophos SL 3D

Advanced Dental Radiology

Quality of images for accurate diagnostics

Unique technology in the country!

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Taking good care of your oral hygiene is crucial at any age, especially if you visit your dentist less often than at least....
Dental Implants
Implants are tooth roots made of titanium. These metallic anchors act as root substitutes....
Dental Radiology
3D technology is becoming increasingly well established in dental practices around the world.

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Super excellent service! I wanted to do a teeth cleaning and polishing and contacted them by mail, I got reply in a few hours and got the appointment for next day. The clinic is super fresh and meeting Dr Padilla and his staff gave me straight away trust in them and I felt comfortable. After the cleaning he informed me about my teeth and my mouth and in what conditions it is in which I found very interesting and knowledgeable. I never have had such a professional dental service in either Scandinavia or Australia, so I highly recommend Clìnìca Imagen for anyone who needs any kind of dental fix. Thanks for bringing back my white smile!

Jessica Edstrom

“I initially went to this clinic because they were the only ones that would import the Straumann implant I needed for a tooth to be made. They were more expensive than other clinics for implants, but I needed a Straumann. When I got there they took an X-ray and pointed out that there was other work I needed done. I had a tooth cleaning and root canal and crown done the first day because the implant was tied up at customs. I returned a few days later and had another root canal and crown, another implant, and a tooth made. I arrived at 9:30 am and left at 8:15pm. They lab making the tooth returned at 4:00pm and Rodger and the lab tech stayed and made sure the tooth was perfect before I left. Hence the time spent there. They would alter and ” rebake” the tooth. The service I received by far exceeded my expectations as compared to other dentists I have been to. 2-root canals, 2-crowns, teeth cleaned, new implant started, stud and tooth. US $3000.00″

Brad – Spruce Grove

“I had a great experience here. Dr. Padilla was very attentive and patient. He gave me detailed information about the procedure and was very kind throughout the process. I never had to wait for my appt. and he often greeted me at the door to walk me to the room. The price was exceptional compared with the $6000 I was quoted in the U.S. The location was convenient enough – just outside of Managua which made it easy to drive from San Juan del Sur without having to deal with the city centre. I highly recommend this dental office for any dental needs. Clean, air conditioned, and highly professional.”

Tiffany – Nicaragua

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